School Logo Consultation – Part 2

The consultation regarding the logo has been continuing and based on feedback, I have made some suggested adjustments and additions. Please find here a presentation which outlines the process so far and the next steps towards a conclusion.

Final feedback to be received before 17:00 on Tuesday 27th June please.


Planetarium Trip – July 10th 2017

We have been notified by some parents that they would like to withdraw their child(ren) from the trip to the Planetarium on July 10th. We understand and respect individual parents’ right to make this decision.

Important information regarding this trip can be found here.


Uniform for September 2017

Many thanks to everyone for their feedback regarding the uniform. I have reviewed all of the comments with both staff and governors and we have come to the decision that only the M&S jumper should be worn as the uniform jumper from September 2017.  This expectation will be enforced by the school in September as it forms the main part of the uniform and is the only thing that we are specifying a supplier for. A logo option for this jumper will be introduced for September 2018, but both versions (with and without) can be worn from this point.

Please note that this jumper (and the equivalent cardigan) is currently in stock and on a 20% discount with M&S until July 4th. Stock is also available in the Norwich Branch

Jumper – £6.40 – £8  

Cardigan – £7.20 – £9.60 

All other items of uniform will be available to be purchased from any uniform supplier including major supermarkets.

Details of the full uniform are outlined here


About the School

At Bunwell Primary School we believe in creating a safe, happy and healthy environment where children can feel positive about themselves and the school. Everyone is encouraged to value and respect one another and the environment. Through our broad, balanced and creative curriculum we ensure high standards of teaching and learning that enable all pupils to reach their full potential. We are committed to providing teaching and learning experiences that are enjoyable, challenging and relevant to the needs of each individual.

The school staff are strongly committed to each child, providing for, and supporting each individual throughout their education.  We believe the children should move on to the next stage of their education, with confidence, demonstrating high level of skills in reading, writing and maths.

We also believe that parents have a very important role to play in the education of their children and we actively encourage close co-operation between home and school. We value and build on the experience and knowledge which pupils bring from their home lives, and we hope that you will share with us in making the children’s time at Bunwell School enjoyable and successful.

If you would like to contact the school for any reason, the details are shown to the right of this page


Latest News

This term already seems to be flying past and there are a great many events to fit in before the end of term. With SATs complete and the weather holding its own, it is great to see the young people enjoying the chance to explore and to have a creative focus to the curriculum. It has been wonderful to see so many parents involved in the school particularly for the celebration assembly and I know the young people appreciated your attendance. We will continue to provide these opportunities as much as possible and outline arrangements for Sports Day, parents afternoon / evening and the last day of term are included below.

We are now using both Twitter @Bunwell_Primary and ClassDojo to provide messages, so please make sure you have signed up to both!

 Download the latest update from the school (14th June)

Mr Merrywest


Previous School Updates

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School Field Update

I have been asked to provide an update on the rear school field and as to why is not available to young people at lunch time.  Some concerns were raised before half term as to the safety of some aspects of the field including the trees, long jump pit, football pitch and fencing. We organised for a professional risk assessment to be undertaken shortly after half term as children’s safety is our primary concern.

This assessment highlighted that we were right to be worried about some areas and added some extra items that we should consider. We are currently in the process of determining the viability and financial implications of fixing some of these issues as some are relatively fundamental. For at least the rest of this term therefore the rear field will be out of bounds for young people at lunch times, but may be occasionally used by supervised groups during lesson time.