Polite Requests from Our Parent Community

We have received a number of requests from our parent community with regards to issues occurring outside of the school’s grounds both before and after school. Whilst being unable to resolve these issues ourselves as they fall outside of our jurisdiction, we would like to highlight them to you with the hope that they can be swiftly, respectfully and amicably resolved by all concerned.

1.Roadway: please do not park or stop on either the yellow zigzag lines to the front of the school, or the gravel area. Please also do not double park with other cars.
2. Smoking: please refrain from smoking in areas where large groups of children will be walking past or waiting. This includes both ‘ordinary’ cigarettes and those which may contain further substances.
3. Dogs: please ensure that dogs are kept suitably secure and that if you are waiting with a dog that you allow enough space for young people to pass. Some children and indeed adults are scared of dogs of any size, shape and placidity.
4. School access: please ensure there is enough space for all parents to access the school gates by not standing in the immediate vicinity. Some parents have found it difficult and at times intimidating to approach the school both in the mornings and evenings.

The school’s boundary line is clearly demarcated and the school also has a right of access to use the gravelled area. All other areas are deemed as public use and are therefore used by the community as private citizens with the appropriate rights and responsibilities.

Complaints regarding the use of the public highway including double parking and zigzags should be directed to Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020.

Complaints regarding the use of illegal substances, or any other anti-social behaviour should be directed to Norfolk Police. The school falls under the Diss Neighbourhood area, details can be found here https://www.norfolk.police.uk/your-area/diss

Please be assured that the school will work as an active part of the community to support in resolving these matters wherever possible.

Uniform for September 2017

Link to Jumper – £8 – £12

Link to Cardigan – £9 – £14

Link to other items of uniform clothing from Birds of Dereham

All other items of uniform will be available to be purchased from any uniform supplier including major supermarkets.

Please ensure that you purchase the correct grey for the trousers and skirt / dress. There is a sample available in the school office. Approximately 80% of the school current wears the correct version.

Details of the full uniform are outlined here