Vision and Ethos

Our Trust shares the same co-operative ethos and values which are translated in to school life as C.A.R.E.

Confident – Our children will have their self esteem nurtured to enable them to be happy in themselves and achieve their full potential. We will ensure children are confident in their ability. We will ensure they are able to recognise the areas in which they are not as strong, and are confident in their strategies for progressing. Our children will be given the opportunity to speak in a variety of contexts and to a variety of audiences.

Able to meet future challenges – Our curriculum, both inside and outside the school day, will give the children the skills they need to take to Secondary school and beyond. We will encourage them to have aspirations and ambitions, to ‘dream big dreams’. Our children will not only learn to ask questions but to research answers, analyse information and question plausibility. We will prepare our children for a world that is changing technologically every day. Our children will understand the value of money, be organised and know how to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Responsible members of the community – Our children will be encouraged to be respectful, polite and tolerant of others regardless of their differences, both within and outside of our school community. Our children will be kind and considerate. They will be able to work in teams, and communicate their ideas effectively. They will recognise their place in the variety of communities they are a part of. Older children will be role models for younger children. Their tolerance and consideration will enable them all to make friends happily with all groups, and to deal with disagreements in a sensible way. Our children will be proud of their school, their wider community and the part they play within those.

Underpinning these, our children will be:

Effective Learners – We will foster in our children their love of learning, promote their independence and encourage them to ask questions. We will challenge children to ‘have a go’ and ensure they are not afraid of trying new things or of making mistakes. We will enable them to recognise the value in listening to other people and celebrate their achievements. Above all, our children will be motivated to try their best.



As an academy the school is held to account by a group of Trustees who delegate responsibilities to a Local Governing Committee via a scheme of delegation. This enables governors to focus on the teaching and learning aspects of school life and to take a focused interest in to how the school functions. The full scheme of delegation for the group can be found here.

The safeguarding governor is David Clover.

The SEN governor is Jenny Gill (Trustee).

The Local Governing Committee is current made up of

  • Paul Bunn – Chair – appointed, 09/2017
  • James Wagg – Trust appointed, 1/11/2016
  • David Clover – Trust appointed, 1/11/2016
  • Julie Fletcher – appointed 06/2018
  • Mel Forrer-Pratt – appointed 06/2018

All governors are required to declare an interests where they may make an appreciable gain from their role as a governor. The declarations can be found here.

We have vacancies for staff, parent and community governors and should you be interested in joining the group, please contact the school office.

  Minutes from the Local Governing Committee meeting held on March 10th 2017

  Minutes from the Local Governing Committee meeting held on January 20th 2017 – Coming Soon

 Download the minutes from the Local Governing Committee meeting held on December 6th 2016


Parent Support Advisor


We believe that it is vital for school and family to work as closely together as possible to make sure that our children get the very best out of school.

To support this at Bunwell Primary School we offer the support of a Parent Support Advisor – Mrs Nicola MacKinnon. Her role is to work preventatively with families, children and the school to provide early intervention, signposting, support and guidance in times of change and or stress.

We want to ensure that all children enjoy school and feel happy & secure and that as parents/carers you feel supported in your parenting journey which can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming. Our PSA is available to support you with any issues you have regarding your child by working in partnership with parents/carers, school and other agencies to support families.

Nicola is usually in school on Thursday and can be contacted via the school office or at

Some of her PSA responsibilities include:

  • To provide a listening ear and a link between home and school if you feel that you need another person to talk to. Some people find it useful to talk to someone other than a family member or friend.
  • To provide ‘one to one’ support and advice.
  • Support in school for children as well as supporting parents/carers and families.
  • Help to improve attendance and punctuality, where attendance has fallen below 95%.
  • Helping parents with parenting skills through individual guidance, support and advice on how to develop and maintain positive behaviour. Encouragement of positive behaviour and routines.
  • Offering workshops with guest speakers and coffee mornings/ open surgeries with the opportunity to seek advice on a range of topics and issues.
  • Advice on issues such as head lice, personal hygiene, nutritional problems, bed-wetting and sleep routines.
  • Making referrals for in-school pastoral groups or the school counsellor, if necessary.
  • Signposting to other agencies, for example, bereavement support, debt management, Young Carers, parenting advice/courses.
  • Giving you or your child a forum to talk about concerns in a confidential and non- judgmental environment, providing emotional support and strengthening self-esteem.
  • Helping to improve family relationships, being available for families in crisis situations and helping those families who need short term assistance.
  • Providing home visits to support families and their children with outreach support.
  • Working closely with other agencies to ensure that parents/carers and their families can access support from other professionals and charities and if needed to make referrals for further support.

How to contact your PSA

If you would like to make an appointment with your PSA. Please complete a contact form and hand it into the school office or email Nicola on

Alternatively, you could contact the school office or Nicola directly on 07788527681 (school hours only) or if you see Nicola in school she is always happy to find time to talk.

Please note Nicola works part time but she will endeavour to contact you within 5 working days of your initial request for support.