We have set up this section of our website to provide all families with the range of support and guidance regarding COVID-19.

If you need any further advice or support, please contact the school.

We have taken steps to ensure that our school is COVID secure.

COVID secure notice

September Return to School Plan

This plan details how we will ensure that all children can safely return to school in September

September Plan 2021

Contingency Plan

This plan can be put into action immediately if:
• There's a local outbreak and you're asked to close temporarily for most pupils like during the initial school closures in March; or
• Individuals or groups of pupils need to self-isolate, but the rest of the school is still open.

Contingency Plan 2021

COVID Symptoms FAQs

COVID Symptoms FAQs 2020
Suspected Cases Flowchart 2020


Unfortunately there will be some children who are a greater risk of being unsafe if they are unable to go to school. This campaign calls on communities to look out for children and young people during the current coronavirus pandemic. Entitled See Something, Hear Something, Say Something, the campaign focuses on keeping children safe, as families face the pressure of staying at home for this prolonged period.
We all have the responsibility to keep our children safe.

Norfolk Campaign
Bunwell Safeguarding Policy COVID Update 2020

COVID Visitor Guidelines

Although we are trying to keep visitors to a minimum at this time, these guidelines provide advice for any visitors who do come into school. We will ask visitors to wear a mask or visor.

COVID Visitor Guidelines