Uniform from September 2018

  • Royal blue jumper (or cardigan) with logo– sourced only from M&S (currently £7 – £9.50)
  • Sky blue collared shirt (sky blue polo an option in Reception only)
  • Mid grey school trousers (the same colour as they are at present) OR
  • Mid grey pinafore dress OR mid grey school uniform skirt
  • Dark school socks. Girls can wear plain mid grey school tights with skirts or dresses
  • Plain sensible black school shoes
  • Reception only – blue school puddle suit (from school supplier)
  • Reception only – school water bottle with logo (from school supplier)
  • Reception only – school book bag with logo (from school supplier)
  • Mid grey uniform shorts with dark school socks
  • The skirt OR pinafore dress can be worn with short socks, either white or dark grey
  • Blue gingham summer dress (during the summer term and until October half term).

PE Kit – September 2018

  • Blue sports T-Shirt with logo (from school supplier – Birds or M&S)
  • Black shorts
  • Black socks
  • Mainly black or white sports trainers and not fashion shoes
  • The old blue sweatshirt can also be used for PE in cold weather or the new M&S hoodie with the school logo

All items apart from the jumper (unless indicated) can be sourced from any standard uniform supplier, e.g. major supermarkets OR from M&S

The expectation is that the policy is followed by all parents and followed up by the school.

If you have any queries at all, particularly if something will match the uniform policy, please do not hesitate to ask.

Parents will unfortunately be asked to correct uniform should it not match the guidance.

Arrangements can be made with the school should the purchase of uniform be financially difficult.

Medical exemptions will be considered if supported by a medical note.


Outcome From the Consultation

The majority of the uniform outlined above is as it was shown at the start of the consultation. For reference I have outlined some of the questions and decisions taken below:

Jumper – can it be more than one supplier? We used to purchase a cheaper supermarket version. We have investigated other options. Only George (Asda) currently have royal blue jumpers available. Upon purchasing and consideration it would appear that this jumper is too different in colour and of inferior quality and would therefore not last as long.  The suggested jumper is readily available and of good quality and therefore we are expecting fewer need to be purchased. Changing to a royal blue sweatshirt with a new logo is approximately £4 more expensive. The uniqueness of the jumper is what sets it apart.

Phased approach, can we wear both for a while?  One aim of the new uniform is to reset expectations and to have a high standard of ‘uniformity’ across the school. If we adopted a phased approach to this, we would not be able to enforce any uniform at all and it would make the problem worse. A fresh start approach is needed here. We notified parents of the change before Easter and therefore much of the uniform should require replacement.

Blue shirts or white shirts – This has had a 50 / 50 response form parents, sometimes both in the same email. The argument for white is that it can be bleached / washed more harshly. The argument against is that it can go grey quickly and shows the dirt more. We had to make a choice on this and have stuck with the original blue.

Polo shirts for KS1 – This has been discussed widely with the main reason put forward to do with difficulties with buttons. The school staff are confident that this issue will soon be overcome in September with a little practice and therefore the decision has been taken to ask for school shirts only. We believe that it will also help students develop their fine motor skills which are useful for writing. Exemptions for medical reasons will be reviewed on a case by case basis with a medical note.

Socks – I have been asked to clarify that these are just ordinary plain dark school socks. We would request a different pair of socks for PE where pupils will get sweaty.

Summer uniform – This will be published later in the year in time for late spring / early summer 2018. For the winter term there should be no summer dresses.

Logo on jumpers – There will be no logo this year and when it is introduced next year it will be entirely optional. The only reason we would have to make it compulsory would be to enforce a single supplier for the jumper and we hoping this will not be required. The logo adds approximately £3 to the cost of the jumper, but we would then easily be able to tell that it was to the school standard if a logo was present.

Uniform Recycling – We will be arranging for a collection of uniform recycling in September which can hopefully raise some money for the PTA. I understand that this has been arranged in previous years also. The blue sweatshirt can be used for PE as it can not be recycled unfortunately.